Surveying diverse suburban communities:
a community-based research handbook

The Community Voices Handbook

This handbook describes our experiences with conducting a community-based survey to capture the views and preferences of several diverse, low-income, suburban communities in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We use these experiences to outline lessons, recommendations, and considerations for other organizations who may want to develop and administer similar community-based surveys. We have provided checklists associated with each section. To obtain a compilation of all checklists, click here.

Click on any of the following topics to see our lessons and recommendations

  1. About: The Community Voices research design and timeline
  2. Sample: How did we find the right sample to survey?
  3. Survey: How did we design the survey?
  4. Recruitment: How did we find the right surveyors?
  5. Training: How did we train surveyors?
  6. Resources: What physical or digital materials did we use?
  7. Protocols: What were our protocols?
  8. Interaction: How did we interact with residents of diverse backgrounds?
  9. Motivation: How did we maintain surveyor motivation?
  10. Safety: How did we ensure surveyor safety?

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